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E-Vent Classroom Training Tracker and Event Management

  1. Full functioning event and classroom training management tool.
  2. E-Vent Editor is similar to Microsoft Power Point or Word.
  3. Distribute to your attendees via email.
  4. Includes calendar notices and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, and Android Phone Calendars.
  5. Attendee responses are reported back to your E-Vent within HR Classroom.
  6. Paste your text right into our WYSIWYG Editor (What You See is What You Get).
  7. If you have HTML skills, E-Vent includes full HTML editing of Training pages.
  8. Upload Photos, Videos, Graphics, Adobe Flash, and Audio.
  9. Total assistance from HR Classroom's Customer Care or Technical Staff.
  10. Additional design or programming assistance available.
  11. Works with Adobe Captivate Flash files and other files published from Content Creation Tools.
  12. Translation services available.

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