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Pricing Information

Training or usage licenses (units or trainings completed)
Units Price per Unit Minimum Purchase
50-100 $9.98 $499.00
100-500 $7.50 $750.00
500-1000 $6.96 $3,481.50
1000-2000 $5.99 $5,990.00
2000-3000 $5.15 $10,300.00
3000-5000 $4.79 $14,355.00
5000 $4.35 $21,725.00
> 5000 Call Call

Advanced Compliance Features Pricing

$1,500 per year activation and support fee for the Advanced Compliance Features set. This includes access to the Simple Interface Feature Set, Telephone Support, an interface such as the AICC LMS Interface, the HR Classroom Simple Interface, or a custom interface. Orders above $10,000 will have the AICC LMS Interface included in their purchase. (Advanced Compliance Features Fee does not include Training or Usage Licenses.)

Minimum Purchase

HR Classroom Training Licenses or Units are purchased in 50 Unit increments. The minimum yearly purchase is 50 Units X $9.99 = $499.00.

Modification Negotiations

Change in Policy for Modifications: In order to negotiate to modify the Standard HR Classroom Terms and Conditions or Contract, HR Classroom will require a separate minimum charge of $1,050.00, paid in advance of the negotiation, in addition to fees for licenses. If we do not reach a mutual agreement, upon request HR Classroom will refund up to 50% of the negotiation fee, which shall be a maximum refund of $525.00. Orders over $50,000.00 will have the negotiation fee waived. This policy change has become necessary as there is no room in our pricing structure for legal review of most orders. For instance, it is not economical for our attorney to review a proposed change to our Standard Contract for a customer order of $499.00.