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California Rules on EEO Policies and AB 1825 Training

Effective April 1, 2016, new regulations under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) require employers of 5 or more employees (note that out-of-state employees count toward the 5 employee requirement) to update EEO policies, training procedures and content.

This training will help human resource professionals understand California rules on EEO policies and the AB 1825 training.

Course Content Includes

  • FEHA coverage
  • creation of EEO policies
  • required complaint processes
  • categories of employees protected by FEHA
  • definitions of protected categories: sex, gender expression, gender identity and transgender
  • dissemination of policies
  • language requirements
  • AB 1825 coverage
  • AB 1825 training methods and record-keeping
  • who can be a trainer
  • frequency of training and tracking
  • objectives of AB 1825 training
  • abusive conduct/bullying training requirements
  • personal liability for unlawful harassment
  • quizzes