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C-TPAT General Awareness Training Outline

C-TPAT stands for Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and it's a program that was developed in direct response to the events of September 11. C-TPAT is a unique effort that has been jointly developed by U.S. Customs and the trade community to increase security in the global supply chain specifically on commerce coming into the U.S.

This C-TPAT training covers the specific security criteria elements for suppliers, transportation providers, and U.S. importers that are designed to eliminate potential security risks in the global supply chain. The goal of this course is to help employers acquaint their staff on how C-TPAT works, and what their responsibilities are. As with other HR Classroom trainings, employers can fully document trainee activity. Your organization’s own policy can also be inserted directly into each training.

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C-TPAT General Awareness Training
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Course Content Includes

  • Definition of C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • The Primary Focus of the C-TPAT Program
  • C-TPAT Requirements:
  • Business Partner Requirements
  • Container Security
  • Physical Security
  • Physical Access Controls
  • Personnel Security
  • Recognizing and Reporting Potential Threats
  • Benefits of C-TPAT Certification
  • Your Employer and C-TPAT
  • Costs of Noncompliance
  • Consequences of Noncompliance with C-TPAT Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Quizzes and final review quiz