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Generate Reports and Manage Non-Compliant Employees 

Without exception the most time consuming and challenging problem with training employees is, "MANAGING EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE NOT COMPLETED THEIR TRAINING REQUIREMENTS." 

Figuring out who has not completed one or more training requirements and how to gain the compliance of the employee is a vexing problem without the HR Classroom Compliance Management System or CMS. Our CMS is focused like a laser beam on helping Human Resource Departments deal with this problem. 

  • First, we provide complete telephone and Internet Support to assist Training Administrators set-up and navigate our CMS.
  • Second, in addition to reports of which employees have not completed trainings, we provide automated notices to those employees recognized in our system as Non-Compliant with one or more Training Requests.
  • Third, employers have asked us for a system to easily designate Managers, Locations, Stores, States, etc. in the HR Classroom CMS, and we've delivered on this request.
  • Fourth, our customers have told us that they need to have automatice notifications sent to Supervisors, or Second level Managers to ensure employee compliance with all Training Requests.
  • Fifth, HR Classroom has delivered the Compliance Management System in an easy to use Compliance Dashboard backed up by our United States based Telephone and Internet Support.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you deliver your Trainings, and ensure Training Request compliance as simply as possible.
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