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Basic Tracking and Reporting 

HR Classroom gives you a powerful reporting tool to document your employees' completion of our training modules.

  • You can retrieve employee training information and create custom reports - and even export the data via an Excel spreadsheet or Comma Delimited file! Use our web form to filter by Training Titles, Completion Status, and Date:

  • Your report displays up-to-date information about a given employee.
  • You can sort any column by clicking on the column label:

  • The system allows you to select how many employee records to display on each page for improved readability and manageability.
  • You can always update and correct employee information by clicking on the EDIT link to the left of the row you wish to alter:

Edit Employee Record
  • Uncompleted trainings offer a "delete" option and button, when viewed for editing.
  • You're only charged for 'Completed' trainings.

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