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Confined Space Entry Training Outline

Confined Space Entry training is suitable for both supervisors and staff. Each year dozens of workers die when entering confined spaces. These deaths are preventable. People who enter into confined spaces must take precautions to protect themselves.

The goal of this course is to provide staff and supervisors with the facts on what a confined space is, what different types of emergencies may require, and what types of equipment they may need in dealing with a confined space emergency. As with other HR Classroom trainings, employers can fully document trainee activity. Your organization’s own policy can also be inserted directly into each training.

Course Content Includes:
  • Definitions of confined spaces and "permit required" confined spaces
  • Responsibilities of managers, supervisors, entrants and attendants
  • Types of emergencies
  • The use of safety and retrieval equipment
  • Permit required and non-permit required entry procedures
  • Confined space entry:
    • Responsibilities at the facility Level
    • The posting of warnings
    • Informing outside contractors
  • The written program for a permit required confined space
  • Air quality requirements and the use of ventilation equipment
  • Confined space rescue operations and equipment
  • Thermal dangers
  • Dealing with a rescue and debriefing
  • Quizzes and a final review quiz

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