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Trainee Registration

HR Classroom always requires that your trainees enter their Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. The Trainee Registration fields let you gather 3 additional pieces of information. With Trainee Registration fields, you can collect useful information from your trainees in an organized manner.

For example, using the Dropdown Menu option, you can provide department names or office locations - any identifier that your trainees might misspell or enter incorrectly otherwise (for example, one trainee might enter 'Dallas', and another 'Texas'). You can put up to 8 items in your dropdown lists. Your reports will have consistent, correct information.

Use the Text Box option to let trainees enter unique information, such as their Employee ID number.

Custom Dropdown Menus are an easy way to collect information and identify employees. The Training Registration area has a simple, friendly form to help you create or edit your own custom dropdowns:

Define Multiple Choice Dropdown

The Custom Question page provides a text preview that demonstrates how the registration form will appear to employees:

Training Registration Preview

The same information is then presented to employees during the actual training registration process:

Training Registration Process