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Security Information

HR Classroom appreciates employer sensitivity to issues concerning security, privacy, and confidentiality. The following information will address the majority of your concerns:

How does HR Classroom handle the creation of usernames?

The HR Classroom system uses Email Addresses instead of usernames to ensure uniqueness and to provide easy retrieval for forgotten passwords.

Can anyone from the outside view a trainee's progress?

No. The only person that can view a trainee's activity log is the person you designate as Training Administrator for your company. Access to trainee reports is limited by email address/password combinations that you control.

Can a trainee view another trainee's activity?

No. Again, only the Training Administrator can view trainee activity; your trainees will access HR Classroom via a unique URL that is created by our system - this URL will log them in as a trainee, which in turn means that they can only take a training - nothing else.

As an administrator, am I the only person that can view trainee activity?

Yes. When we create an account on HR Classroom for your company, a unique database is created on our internal system. This database can *only* be viewed by the training administrator for your company. You also have the ability at any time to modify your administrator password, or reassign administrator permissions to another training administrator.

In short, HR Classroom 'walls off' the reporting and customization functions from the trainee. Only the training administrator can view trainee reports, insert company policies into trainings, set up groups of trainings for delivery, and so on. The trainee simply has the ability to take an allowed training, and nothing else.

In addition to the information presented above, we also recommend that employers also review the privacy policy within our Term & Conditions.