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Content Customization 

HR Classroom allows you to customize your trainings with your own policies, images, video, audio, powerpoints, and more!  Here are a few examples:
  • Example #1: Use one of your own videos that you would like your employees to watch, then add your company policy, a few more pages of content and quiz questions.  The completion of the training is tracked by the system and it is a great way to avoid traveling around the country to show a video to your employees.
  • Example #2: Place a powerpoint that you would like your employees to watch in our system, add quiz questions, and provide it to your employees.  The system will track completion.
  • Example #3:  You have an idea for a training and some content but you don't know how to put it together.  Give it to us and we will do it for you!
  • Example #4:  You have a training but you need it translated into other languages and placed in our system.  We can do that!
  • Example #5:  Modify one of the trainings in our system for your particular purposes.
  • Example #6:  You want to pass out a new policy to all your employees?  Our system can do it and you can track and report on all who have reviewed it!
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