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Custom Company Policy Insertion 

HR Classroom allows you to customize your trainings with your own policies, images, video, audio, powerpoints, and more!  Here are a few examples:
  • "Cut and paste" your policy directly from your word processor into HR Classroom, or
  • upload your policy as a PDF.
  • You can always edit, view, or delete your policies at any time.
  • You aren't required to insert a policy into a HR Classroom training. The system displays a default message for any training that does not contain a custom policy.
Training Custom Policy and Acknowledgment Example:

No Policy Inserted Example:

You are required to review your employer's [TRAINING_TOPIC] policy carefully. You should review your employer's policy in print or open a new browser window to view it on your intranet at this time.

(Do not close this window or your training session will be lost!)

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