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Basic Benefits & Features 

HR Classroom helps you deliver legal compliance training to your employees and supervisors easily, affordably, and quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Your employees learn at their own pace
  • Your employees can take trainings anytime , 24/7
  • Affordable enough to train your entire workforce
  • Deploys easily - within minutes of setup
  • Scalable - train 1 or 50,000 employees in multiple locations
  • Track and report employee activity from your desktop
  • Insert your organization's specific policies into each training

Key Features:

  • Training outlines orient your employees to what they will learn.
  • Status bars let your employees know how far they've progressed.
  • Training Groups allow you to deliver exactly the trainings your employees need.
  • HR Classroom's custom questions lets you capture additional tracking information.
  • Custom company policies allow you to insert your policy directly into the training.
  • Frequent interactive quizzes keep your employees involved .
  • Employees can't progress until they answer correctly.
  • Final reviews reinforce key points from material.
  • Almost any computer with Internet access will meet our system requirements.
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